Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Real Diaper Association $3500 in 35 Days – Fundraising Event

This Thursday 7/15 at 9 PM ET, there is going to be a twitter party to help the RDA (Real Diaper Association) reach their goal of $3500 in 35 days.

Here's a little bit of  information about the RDA (from Eco Chic Parties website)

"Who is the Real Diaper Association? The RDA is a non-profit organization that plays a leading role in the cloth diaper movement, training and supporting grassroots advocates to lead local Real Diaper Circles, compiling and distributing research on the subject, working with the media and other businesses and organizations to increase awareness about cloth diapers, and providing direct reliable, unbiased support for consumers. They do all of this with the support of their member donors.
The RDA is celebrating their 6th anniversary on August 11th and is hoping to continue to employee their Executive Director; which has accomplished a lot over the past year in this position.  Explore the archives of their blog at www.realdiaperevents.org for stories about some of their most recent accomplishments, such as:
  • the launch of a cloth-diaper-friendly daycare directory and publication of a tip sheet on using cloth diapers in daycare ,
  • a blog carnival focused on Real Diaper Facts that highlighted some of the most useful research out there on the benefits of cloth diapers, and
  • the ongoing 100% reusable cloth diapers campaign to support people and choosing and using real diapers in any situation.
Additionally, there are 15 active Real Diaper Circles and nearly 100 volunteers in training to become Leaders across the U.S. and Canada.
In order to accomplish even more this coming year the RDA needs to continue to fund the Executive Director position and ensure that we have someone in place to push all their efforts forward.
This is the time for cloth diapers for a number of great reasons. We have all been supportive in individual advocacy, spreading the message time and again to our friends and acquaintances.  By joining together we can become a bigger voice and make a larger impact."

To find out more on how to join the party and enter for some great prizes, go to Eco Chic Parties Website!

Join the party and help make a difference!

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