Friday, July 16, 2010

One Week

One week (well technically one week and two days!) of cloth diapering has led me to the following observations:
  1. I have way too many diapers, like 60.
  2. My son seems to love his new diapers
  3. I cannot live without my diaper sprayer (Just installed it yesterday)
  4. I love Rockin Green!
  5. I have been able to educate many people on the "new" cloth diapers available! It's amazing how many people only think of the "old school" cloth diapers when they hear I am cloth diapering
  6. Cloth wipes are FABULOUS!
  7. Laundry is so easy, I know the forums tell you this, but O EM GEE!! So much easier than I thought!
  8. I found 4 brands that I love, love, LOVE!! GroVia, BumGenius, RumpaRooz, and FuzziBunz! (best diapers out there! and I tried a lot of brands!)
  9. I am addicted!
  10. Putting cloth diapers on my son means I may have to buy bigger sized clothes due to bulk (really not a big deal though!)
  11. I want to sell cloth diapers or promote them in some way! I have had about 4 people tell me that I would be really good at selling diapers because of the way I explain them (I'm flattered that they think so!)
  12. My husband is slowly accepting them and liking them.
  13. My house doesn't smell like poopy diapers (like so many naysayers said it would)
  14. They are so cute!
  15. I like knowing that I'm reducing waste by using them!
  16. No nasty gel residue on my little guys bottom!
  17. and I just plain love them!!
Carlo looking cute in a BG OS Organic in Twilight

 And in other news... I have been opened up to a whole new world by cloth diapering, and I'm not talking specifically about cloth diapers- they were just the vehicle to my discovery! By participating in forums, I have found more -and SIMPLE- ways to make my house and family more Eco-friendly! I have learned about dryer balls, reusable swiffer pads for the dry mop, wet mop and duster, reusable sink scrubber's that you can wash and use again instead of using sponges, reusable sandwich/snack bags, and mama cloth!! I can't believe that there are easy ways like this to reduce waste in our household and save money while doing it! Who knew that by doing a few little things with a sewing machine and cloth or wool, you can make something to re-use over and over again! Heck even if I fail at it, I can go to etsy and buy them for the same cost as a package for whatever I'm buying and STILL save a ton of money!

and changing subject again, my little guy will be going into daycare when I go back to work at the end of August, and on Monday I'll be stopping by to give them their deposit and hopefully persuade them into using cloth diapers. PA State Regulations for Daycare do allow cloth diapers as long as the soiled diapers are sealed in  a plastic bag (maybe I can persuade them to use a wet bag). I bought BumGenius 3.0's with aplix just for daycare, so I'm hoping when I go in on Monday and show them how they work just like disposables (I'll make sure they're all stuffed beforehand) they'll go for it. If they seem hesitant, I'll be begging them to just do a trial run for a couple of weeks before they say no, I'll even offer to go in one day to teach all the people who will be with my son how to use them. I'm hoping they say yes and that they're open to it, I really would like him to be in cloth diapers full time. Please say a little prayer for me! I also have to talk to them about not microwaving his bottles (something they do there), Carlo hates warm bottles, he will only eat a bottle at room temperature, so I'm hoping that they'll at least allow that request, even if they deny the cloth diapers, especially since you're really not supposed to microwave bottles.

Well I should go, I've rambled on long enough!

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