Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloth Diapering Day 1 COMPLETE!

I am so happy to say that we finished our first 24 hours of cloth diapering and we are HOOKED! I am not going back to disposables ever again!

We definitely have some adjustments to do, especially bulky diaper issues, sizing, and training my husband in how to fit diapers on the little man and how to put inserts into the pockets.

We started out our day with a Happy Heinys diaper with the insert that was included with it, I was surprised by how bulky this diaper was, but we didn't have to be anywhere yesterday, and it was so hot that little man just hung out in his diaper and a onesie (which was a bit tight due to the bulky diaper). I noticed about an hour and a half in that the diaper had leaked and he had peed through his onesie. I was kind of upset, but it could have just been my error and not the diapers, I am a newbie after all!

The next diaper I chose was a FuzziBunz diaper with a newborn insert in it. This was a little less bulky, but I still felt that it was bulkier than a disposable. He did great in that but of course that diaper lasted about 2 hours because and then he pooped, the diaper had NO leaks, and it fit him so well. This was my first poopy diaper so I was kind of excited to see how cleaning would go, especially since I don't have my diaper sprayer just yet. I followed the instructions of someone on and gave my diaper a "swirly" in the toilet. I dunked it, swished it about a bit, and then flushed the toilet while I held onto one end, it did a fairly good job. I can't wait to get my diaper sprayer though!

The third diaper we used as a BumGenius AIO Organic diaper, I really liked this one because it was so trim on him! It also held up the longest, he was in this diaper for at least 4ish hours! It absorbed really well and it also fit well. I really like that the organic cotton liner should get more absorbents once it's washed a few more times.

The last diaper before bedtime was another Happy Heiny's and we had a bit more success with this one leak wise, I also used a FuzziBunz newborn insert in it which seemed to take away some of the bulk. He lasted in this diaper for almost 5 hours with no leaks at all!

For bedtime we used a double stuffed FuzziBunz so we wouldn't have to change him during night feedings (He is usually wide awake during night feedings, I think it's because we were doing diaper changes!). This diaper held up amazingly well! It was soaked to the bone, but had no leaks and my little guy wasn't wet, he didn't have any pruning from sitting in his wet diaper!

I ordered 6 newborn sized diapers so that I can get a bit of a better fit, but overall I like the fit of these diapers, I got in a few of the other diapers I ordered (all different brands) so I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Our first 24 hours went so amazingly well, and I am so glad we made the switch!

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