Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I like about...

I figured I would start a series about the diapers I like and why I like them. This will explore all the diapers I have in my stash.

Today, I am featuring...

And you're taking a picture of me because..
 Rumparooz Diapers!

They are quite possible my number one favorite diaper!

These are pocket diapers, and they are AMAZING!

The diaper consists of an outer of polyester laminated in TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and the lining that sits against your baby's bottom is micro-chamois! The awesome thing about this diaper is that the TPU and the polyester are biodegradable and will break down in 4-5 years when composted! How awesome is that!

The insert you get with the diaper is the 6-r soaker and it is amazing. You get a small/newborn contoured insert and a larger insert that snaps for the size you need. You can also combine both inserts together to create extra absorbency overnight. The 6r soaker can also be changer to a boy or girl doubler which creates absorbency where your child needs it the most! These soakers come in microfiber or hemp! I love these inserts! They're super trim and they hold A LOT!

Such a cute, fluffy bum!
Inner gussets!!

A few other awesome features of Rumparooz are the fact that they have inner gussets which hold even the biggest of poo-splosions in and they can actually start fitting your baby at just 6 lbs! A lot of other one size diaper systems don't really fit babies until about 8 lbs!

These, in my opinion are by far the trimmest diapers on my son, especially when he was about 8/9 lbs! They are also super soft, come in amazing vibrant colors, and the cutest prints I have ever seen!

Whale Tale!

Newborn and Large Soaker
Doubler for boys
Doubler for girls
Doubler for Sm/Med

Sm/Med Insert

We have about 15 Rumparooz in our stash at the moment, which makes me very happy, especially since we started with only one of them!

For me there is nothing bad about this diaper, but some people will see that these diapers may not fit on their larger babies and that the rise can be a bit low
also. I do not have these problems, and they seem to be fitting Carlo according to the size guidelines on the package. He was in the newborn/x-small setting until about 10/11 lbs, and is now about 11/12 lbs and is in the small setting. But my friend who's little girl is 13 lbs and much bigger than my son actually wore this diaper with the rise completely unsnapped (the large setting).

Rumparooz can be found at my absolute favorite store: Kelly's Closet. Be sure to find their free one size diaper coupons on facebook or retail me not!

Disclosure: If you click on the above link and buy something through said link, I will make 5% off of your total sale.


  1. Rumparooz were the first cloth diapers I bought, and I love them! My son will be 2 at the end of August and is a heavy wetter, and the RaRs are great! so glad you like them with a little guy, I'm planning on using these again whenever we have another little one.

  2. I love them! I can't wait until we try for another so I can try the Lil' Joeys also!